Meet The UX Notebook

Meet The UX Notebook

Inside this 32 page notebook, you'll find quotes and insights designed to help you learn and practice design thinking. Created by UX designer, Sarah Doody.


  • Inspiring Quotes

    The notebook contains a collection of the popular UX tips from Sarah Doody's newsletter, The UX Notebook. The tips aim to give you quick inspiration on how to approach product design.

  • Thoughtful Lessons

    Quick lessons and ideas about user experience, design thinking, and product development. These are designed to get your teams thinking more about your process and approach to UX.

  • Questions & Activities

    The trigger questions are designed to give you and your team practical and actionable questions to discuss and activities to do. Take a break from your day to day and do these activities on your on or with your team.

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I made these notebooks as a tool to spark conversation, ideas, and collaboration for UX designers, product teams, and anyone who wants to learn to think like a designer. 

Each notebook includes a collection of UX tips, quick lessons, discussion questions, and design prompts from my weekly newsletter, The UX Notebook.

It has 32 pages and there are blank pages included as well so you can capture ideas and inspiration right alongside the tips and questions.

These pocket size notebooks measure 3.5x5 inches and are printed on 100% recycled paper with vegetable oil based inks.